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It Must Have Originated on Venus! Online Slot Reviews

This slot game with thirty paylines is not only lucrative but also hilarious and a lot of fun to play since it tells the tale of a tiny farmer named Skeeter and his relationship with an extraterrestrial plant from Venus. If you give it a few spins on whatever platform you choose, whether it’s a computer or a phone, you’ll have the opportunity to win real money rewards ranging from 187,500 coins per play to a bonus progressive jackpot!

The majority of people who like Betsoft’s slot games are aware that the developer often creates one-of-a-kind 3D slots that come with a variety of cinematic effects and bonuses that are woven into the narrative of the game. This cheeky slot machine is the same as the others, and it features an extremely immersive presentation along with a variety of thematic features. These features include payout multipliers, free spins, cash bonus levels, double-up functions, and many more, and they are all designed to give you the best possible chance of making some significant financial gains.

It Must Have Originated on Venus! Controls and Configuration for the Slots

This slot, like a number of earlier slot machines offered by BetSoft, is simple enough for even inexperienced players to enjoy playing. You may pick which paylines you wish to play, and you can wager more than one coin on each payline to increase your chances of winning larger rewards. This is another another fantastic feature of the game. You may set a wager amount that is suitable for any kind of budget by making use of the straightforward betting options that are located on the bottom-left side of the screen. These controls range from a fairly low stake of 0.01 credits each round to a maximum investment of 150 credits.

You may access the paytable by clicking the “View Pays” option in the upper right corner of the screen. This will allow you to view the paylines and choose which of them you wish to wager money on. In this section, you will also discover a list of the nine image symbols that are responsible for the distribution of the rewards. If you wager one coin on each of the game’s paylines when playing for real money, you may anticipate receiving prizes ranging from five hundred to five thousand coins for each winning sequence. However, increasing the amount of coins up to five will result in a boost in those rewards, giving you the opportunity to win a maximum of 1,250 coins every sequence in addition to a share of the bonus progressive jackpot. It’s also uncommon because even these awards may be boosted further if the player is bold enough to risk their earnings on the bonus double-up game. This is a unique feature of the game.

Players who like gambling on the move will be pleased to learn that It Came From Venus! by BetSoft is compatible with a wide variety of Android and iOS-powered mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. To begin playing the slot machine on your mobile device, first go to the game’s menu to choose the amount of money you want to wager, and then just tap the spin control button to get the game going.

It Must Have Originated on Venus! Playability and Additional Content

As soon as your sci-fi journey with the mischievous plant from Venus starts, you will spend the most of your time waiting for three or more similar symbols to appear on a payline, going from left to right, in order to win a reward. The slot machine provides you with a variety of bonuses, some of which will become active at random intervals, to increase the likelihood that you will win more money than the amount that you wager.

For example, the slot machine features a function called random wild bonus that, when activated, will toss wild symbols onto the screen at random. These symbols will not only be able to substitute for other symbols, but they will also have the ability to double rewards. If these symbols land on reels two and four, they have the potential to double any reward they assist you win by a factor of up to four. In addition, if the first, third, and/or fifth reels of the slot machine all feature the same symbols in a column, you will get a bonus payment equal to two times the amount you wagered for each stacked column. You may also win an additional reward that is equal to forty times your entire stake if you get the identical symbols on all three reels.

However, the unique bonus symbols are the only ones that can activate the game’s additional supplemental features when they appear. If you are able to collect five food bag symbols on the middle row, you will be eligible for a free spins bonus that includes a sticky wild symbol. If you instead collect five helicopter symbols, you will be given the opportunity to play a bonus cash game in which you will have to choose boxes in order to uncover quick rewards. And lastly, in order to win the slot machine’s progressive jackpot payout, you need to gather five plant symbols while wagering the maximum amount of coins per payline, which is five coins.